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Indicators :

Indicator Name
1 Inny - SaittaTrend
2 Inny En Seasonal SB - Short by John Momsen
3 Inny - Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)  by John Ehlers
4 Mov En Simple Futures MA Indicator by Jay Kaeppel
5 Inny - Sine Wave Indicator by John Ehlers
6 Osc --- SMI Oscillator
7 Osc En SMI_TRADE Indicator (Stochastic Momentum Index Trade)
8 Wst En Standard Error Bands by Jon Andersen (2 f.)
9 Osc En Stochastic Momentum Indicator by William Blau
10 Osc En Stochastic S&C Indicator by Robert Zellner
11 Osc En Stochastics by Stuart Evens (2 f.)
12 Osc En StochRSI
13 Inny En Support and Resistance Indicator by Mel Widner
14 Inny - Swing Trader Trendline
15 Inny - Swing Wave Indicator
16 Inny - Symmetrical Shark Indicator by Walter T. Downs
Trading Systems :  
Nr Desc. Trading System Name
1 En Seasonal Trade by John Momsen
2 En SHARK-32 System by Walter T. Downs
3 En Sideways
4 En Simple Futures MA System by Jay Kaeppel
5 En Stochastic S&C System by Robert Zellner
6 - Stuckey 19 by Randy Stuckey
7 En Support and Resistance System by Mel Widner
8 - SystemA by George Pruitt
9 - SystemB by George Pruitt
10 - SystemC by George Pruitt
11 - SystemD by George Pruitt
12 - SystemE by George Pruitt
PaintBars :
Nr Desc. PaintBar Name
1 En Squelch Indicator by John Ehlers
ShowMe :
Nr Desc. ShowMe Name
1 An Smash Up or Down by Larry Williams



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