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Heikin Ashi Variation
This is a variation that paints the bar on the main chart. I can't provide an ELD since I only use TS2000i.

Type : PaintBar, Name : Heikin Ashi Variation

{ ModHA Bar Color PaintBarStudy 1/22/04

uses modified Heikin-Ashi technique

Designed for main chart

plots bar as UpColor for up trend
plots bar as DnColor for dn trend

compares current bar open to close range
with prior bars...if current is within
prior then color remains the same

(thanks to eKam, waynechem and others for this)
inputs: UpColor(blue),DnColor(red),CompBars(6);

vars: haClose(0),haOpen(0),haHigh(0),haLow(0),

if BarNumber = 1 then
haOpen = open;
haClose = (O+H+L+C)/4;
haHigh = MaxList( high, haOpen, haClose);
haLow = MinList( low, haOpen,haClose);

if BarNumber > 1 then
haClose = (O+H+L+C)/4;
haOpen = (haOpen [1] + haClose [1])/2 ;
haHigh = MaxList(High, haOpen, haClose) ;
haLow = MinList(Low, haOpen, haClose) ;

if haClose > haOpen then
color = UpColor
color = DnColor;

for value1 = 1 to CompBars
if haOpen <= MaxList(haOpen[value1],haClose[value1]) and
haOpen >= MinList(haOpen[value1],haClose[value1]) and
haClose <= MaxList(haOpen[value1],haClose[value1]) and
haClose >= MinList(haOpen[value1],haClose[value1]) then
color = color[value1];




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