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IFT - Intelligent Futures Trading Exploration by Chick Goslin
IFT - Intelligent Futures Trading

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Intelligent Futures Trading - Chick Goslin - IFT system

Article published in TAM Dutch TA-magazine Jun98. For info on IFT "Intelligent Futures Trading - Chick Goslin" check on the Windsor Books, POBox 280, Brightwaters, NY 11718, USA - 1997 Goslin-book (ISBN 0-930233-63-8).

As the IFT-system is a too "great and large" system to mention here in detail, please be refered to the above mentioned book and its included explanationairy charts.
The Chick Goslins IFT book contains everything common TA books have left out. Below find the indicators and exploration.



IFT - 48 Turnaround Line - Chick Goslin

{based on ideas gotten from Chicks book - INTELLIGENT FUTURES TRADING,
published 1997 by Windsor Books, POBox 280, Brightwaters, NY 11718,
and published in TAM Dutch TA-magazine, Jun98}

MTMidM1:= Input("MidTerm periods MEDIAN price x-days ago", 1,1000,47);
MTMidM2:= Input("MidTerm periods MEDIAN price x-days ago", 1,1000,48);
MTMidSMO:= Input("ShortTerm SMOOTHING periods MEDIAN price", 1,1000,1);
((Ref(MP(),-MTMidM1)/2.1) + (Ref(MP(),-MTMidM2))/1.9),

{This indicator is copyrighted by and propriety of Ton Maas - Amsterdam - the Netherlands}



IFT - Intelligent Futures Trading Exploration

{Longer Term Filter}
C>fml( "IFT - 48 Turnaround Line - Chick Goslin")

{The indicator+exploration is copyrighted by and propriety of Ton Maas - Amsterdam - the Netherlands}

Just a brief comment:

A while ago I read a part of the Chick Goslin "Intelligent Futures Trading" book and in chapter 5-Learning and Chapter 7-Charts, Chick refers to his indicators used and also to an easy way to determine if we are in an Up trend or not (then especialy see Chapter 7- chart Pg1 on pag 95 - Review of April Cattle(5 Jan))

The Direction Line(49SMA):
The first thing I do when looking at a chart is to go back ten weeks and circle a day 47 or 48 trading days ago. This gives me an instant view of how easy or difficult it would be for a trend to change.


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