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Zero Lag EMA Exploration
Re: Lag In Moving Avg
To: metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Lag In Moving Avg
From: Rakesh Sahgal <rsahgal@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 15:00:23 -0800
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Hi Rick,

The exploration I use is here to help you get going without wasting any time in writing the exploration.

Zero Lag EMA Exploration

ColA: Close


ColB: Trigger

If(Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" )=1,H+.05,
If(Ref( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) ,-1)=1,Ref(H,-1)+.05,
If(Ref( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) ,-2)=1,Ref(H,-2)+.05,
If(Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) =-1,L-.05,
If(Ref( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) ,-1)=-1,Ref(L,-1)-.05,
If(Ref( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) ,-2)=-1,Ref(L,-2)-.05,

ColC: Signal

If( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) =1,1,
If( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) =-1,-1,
If(Ref( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) ,-1)=1,2,
If(Ref( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) ,-1)=-1,-2,
If(Ref( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) ,-2)=1,3,
If(Ref( Fml( "DS_EMA_X_MP()" ) ,-2)=-1,-3,


When( ADX(14),>,mov(adx(14),8,e))

You would do well to scan only those issues which have a high volume number. The more highly traded a stock the better the chances of a signal resulting in a decent move. I have also added the volume condition and you can insert a condition in the filter stipulating ADX greater than ADXr or some such measure. Paste the above into their respective places in a MS exploration and and it should work fine.

I am also giving below the formula for the MA Xover-paste it into the indictor builder and give it the name I have indicated here.


if ( Cross(mov(mov(mp(),4,e))4,e),mov(mov(mp(),8,e))8,e)),1,
if (Cross(mov(mov(mp(),8,e))8,e),mov(mov(mp(),4,e))4,e)),-1,

I have substituted the trendliness and money flow formulae by the volume and ADX() condition. Rest is the same as what I do. Hope this is of some help.


Rakesh Sahgal

At 09:01 PM 02/11/2001 -0800, you wrote:


Thanks for the info. I'll play with this and see what I can come up with. I'm a little new at writing indicators and explorations so I always appreciate any help I can get. Your preference not to discuss your proprietary indicators is quite all right.

Thanks Again


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