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Dunnigan Trend
Market swing is defined as: Up = higher highsand higher lows, Down = lowerhighs and lower lows.


TD1:=If(BarsSince(H>Ref(H,-1) AND L>Ref(L,-1)) <
BarsSince(L<Ref(L,-1) AND H<Ref(H,-1)),


Market swing is defined as: Up = 2 higher highs and 2 higher lows, Down= 2 lower highs and 2 lower lows.



TD1:=If(BarsSince((H>Ref(H,-1) AND L>Ref(L,-1))
AND (Ref(H,-1)>Ref(H,-2)
AND Ref(L,-1)>Ref(L,-2))) <
BarsSince((L<Ref(L,-1) AND H<Ref(H,-1))
AND (Ref(L,-1)<Ref(L,-2)
AND Ref(H,-1)<Ref(H,-2))),


Poniższa formuła wymaga wcześniejszego wprowadzenia formuły znajdujące się powyżej pod niezmodyfikowaną nazwą.

Dunnigan Trend

{Ask to use 1 day or 2 day Swing type}
St:=Input("Short Term Swing Type, 1 or 2 ?",
{Call Swing Type Formula}
{then} FmlVar("Dunn-Type1","TD1"),
{else} FmlVar("Dunn-Type2","TD1"));
{Number Of Periods Since Swing Started Up}
{Number Of Periods Since Swing Started Down}
{Find Highest Value Of Up Swing}
Hv:=If(Hc>Lc AND H>Ref(H,-1),
{Find Lowest Value Of Down Swing}
Lv:=If(Hc<Lc AND L<Ref(L,-1),
{Find The Low Of The Highest High}
{Find The High Of The Lowest Low}
{Calculate And Plot Trend Direction, Note:1= Uptrend, -1= Downtrend}
TD2:=If(Sd=1 AND H>Lhv,
{else}If(Sd=-1 AND L<Hlv,


Re: Expert "Trend"

ˇ To: metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ˇ Subject: Re: Expert "Trend"
ˇ From: michael arnoldi <marnoldi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
ˇ Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 12:30:26 -0400
ˇ References: <020601be89ac$eeb56c80$0f68a8c2@xxxxxxx>
ˇ Reply-To: metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
ˇ Sender: owner-metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

click on "experts" {the man's head logo in metastock}, click on an expert you like or created. the tab next to "name" is the "trend" tab. for my experts i have the following trend formula:


Dunnigan Trend Expert


Fml("Dunnigan Trend")=1


Fml("Dunnigan Trend")=-1


while in the "trend" tab area you will see 3 selections with the middle being "corner" select arrows:

up green for bullish
down red for bearish
zero# neutral in blue
(or any other choices you prefer)

press ok, ok and then go to your chart & click on the lower right hand corner & then right click, selecting to attach the expert you just modified. in the corner of the chart you will now have an arrow or a zero giving you the current trend of the security its attached to. see attached example of "eggs" down trend.

mike arnoldi


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