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08_Momentum Time & S/C
RE: Stochastics, rsi
To: "Richard Estes" <dick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Stochastics, rsi
From: "Jim Greening" <JimGinVA@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 May 97 15:27:15 UT
Resent-Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 10:38:55 -0600
Resent-From: metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Resent-Message-Id: <"WPi9e3.0.vj1.UoRYp">
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I've been playing with the indicator you posted.Hope you don't mind. I like the signal locations on the good signals, but got too many false signals. I decided to try a combination to filter out most of the false signals.Finally decided on the normalized LinRegSlope (S/C). I normalized it by dividing by the close price so values would be comparable for any price stock. I then multiplied by 10000 to amplify the signal for easier viewing. I used the standard S/C greater than zero and S/C rising for buy signals. Decided to use S/C less than an optimized negative value for closing the position. Used S/C less than optimized negative value and S/C falling for an open short signal. S/C greaser than zero to close short.Formulas and test follow:

MetaStock for Windows Indicator Builder




Momentum Time

(HIGH - Mov(C,55,T)+(LOW - Mov(C,55,T)))/(HIGH - Mov(C,55,T)-(LOW - Mov(C,55,T)))


MetaStock for Windows System Tester

08_Momentum Time & S/C

Enter Long:

Alert(Cross(Fml("Momentum Time"),0),13) AND C > Mov(C,21,T) AND
Fml("S/C") > 0 AND HHV(Fml("S/C"),5) = HHV(Fml("S/C"),13)

Close Long:

Fml("S/C") < opt1

Enter Short:

Alert(Cross(0,Fml("Momentum Time")),13) AND C < Mov(C,21,T) AND
Fml("S/C") < opt1 AND LLV(Fml("S/C"),5) = LLV(Fml("S/C"),13)

Close Short:

Fml("S/C") > 0

Optimization Variables

Min = -55.00 Max = -13.00Step = 21.00



I'd appreciate all of you trying this MetaStock System Test and let me know what you think.


-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Estes
Sent: Friday, May 23, 1997 12:20 PM
To: metastock-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; harald maisack
Subject: Re: Stochastics, rsi

Sounds good, how do they test using system test or compare against others? Decided to bring out an indicator since I think that and the use of MSWIN is what is of value here.

Momentum Time

(HIGH - Mov(C,55,T)+(LOW - Mov(C,55,T)))/(HIGH - Mov(C,55,T)-(LOW - Mov(C,55,T)))


Momentum Time


Cross(Fml( "MOMENTUM time" ),0) and c>mov(c,21,t)


Cross(0, Fml( "MOMENTUM time" ))


even put it in text, no promises.

Richard Estes
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