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Coppock Curve - Signal Formulas
Re: Coppock Indicator

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· Subject: Re: Coppock Indicator
· From: brock <brock@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
· Date: Thu, 22 Oct 98 18:53:48 +0200
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I found this post from last year that I had saved under "Coppock Curve." It seems I didn't save the header, so I don't know who wrote it, but it is signed "SectorBets." Here it is:

Well, here is the Coppock Curve formula for MetaStock...sorry it is so long, but that's life sometimes. I don't display a scale and I also set a horizontal at "zero" just for better visualization. If you want to set a scale that makes sense, you should probably multiply the whole formula by maybe 10000 or 100000 to have a set of numbers that make sense.

Coppock Curve - CCT

(ROC( CLOSE,14 ,percent )*10 + ROC(CLOSE,11,percent)*10 +
ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-1),14,percent)*9+ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-1),11,percent)*9 +
ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-2),14,percent)*8+ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-2),11,percent)*8 +
ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-3),14,percent)*7+ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-3),11,percent)*7 +
ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-4),14,percent)*6+ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-4),11,percent)*6 +
ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-5),14,percent)*5+ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-5),11,percent)*5 +
ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-6),14,percent)*4+ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-6),11,percent)*4 +
ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-7),14,percent)*3+ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-7),11,percent)*3 +
ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-8),14,percent)*2+ROC(Ref(CLOSE,-8),11,percent)*2 +


The formula, however, is only of academic interest unless it is used with either Coppock's original intent (I don't like it since it usually gets out far too early in trending markets/stocks) or with a slight modification that I developed over the last couple of years and will be publishing in the Market Technicians Association Journal sometime over the next few months. Without getting into too much verbiage, you can set up a system test that uses my modifications as follows:

Let's assume that you have called the above formula "Coppock Curve."


Coppock Curve - Signal Formulas

Enter Long:

Fml("Coppock Curve - CCT") > Ref(Fml("Coppock Curve - CCT"), -1) AND
((Close > Ref(Open,-1) AND Ref(Black(),-1)) OR
(Close > Ref(Close,-1) AND Ref(White(),-1)))

Close Long:

Fml("Coppock Curve - CCT") < Ref(Fml("Coppock Curve - CCT"),-1) AND
((Close < Ref(Open,-1) AND Ref(White(),-1)) OR
(Close < Ref(Close,-1) AND Ref(Black(),-1)))

Enter Short:

Fml("Coppock Curve - CCT") < Ref(Fml("Coppock Curve - CCT"),-1) AND
((Close < Ref(Close,-1) AND Ref(Black(),-1)) OR
(Close < Ref(Open,-1) AND Ref(White(),-1)))

Close Short:

Fml("Coppock Curve - CCT") > Ref(Fml("Coppock Curve - CCT"),-1) AND
((Close > Ref(Close,-1) AND Ref(White(),-1)) OR
(Close > Ref(Open,-1) AND Ref(Black(),-1)))


This approach works well with monthly, weekly, daily, hourly etc charts. Visually, I like to use candlestick charts since it is easier to "see" the trading signals as they appear on the chart. Try this out on several of your favorite stocks and you will be pretty amazed at how well it works, particularly versus a buy-and-hope strategy.

Good luck.

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