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Forecast oscillator

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· Subject: Forecast oscillator
· From: "Steve Karnish" <kernish@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
· Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999 13:35:06 -0800
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In the past, I've posted a simple Forecast Oscillator system that optimized the days in the FO and the buy and sell "trigger" levels. The following formula reduces the number of variables to 2 (buy and sell levels). Instead of optimizing a different amount of days for each separate commodity, this method averages the calculations of the formula, using three fibonacci numbers. This hybrid ForecastOsc trades all futures markets with profits (by tweaking the entry levels). It's not the holy grail, but it's a steady performer that is applicable to a wide range of securities. Remember, to always adjust "options" and edit the "optimize" sections for peak results.




FibFO Optimizer

Enter Long/Close Short:

Cross(opt1,Fml("FibFO II"))

Enter Short/Close Long:

Cross(Fml("FibFO II"),opt2)

Opt1 min -4 max 4 step 0.1
Opt2 min -4 max 4 step 0.1


Semi optimized "trigger levels" for the lazy:

opt1 opt2
British pound -.3 +.3
Can dollar -.8 +.8
Gold -.8 +.6
Copper -.3 +1.7
Heating Oil -1.9 +.4
Crude Oil -.5 +.25
Cotton -.1 0
Unleaded -1.5 0

Steve Karnish


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