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Maximum Profit System II
Re: MS' Maximum Profit System - Can it be edited?

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Subject: Re: MS' Maximum Profit System - Can it be edited?
From: David Neal Parsons <parsons@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 17:12:33 -0400
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My understanding of the Maximum Profit System test is that it isn't a system at all. It is an artificial construct that perfectly buys every low and sells every high. The closest I could come to duplicating it is with the following system test:

Maximum Profit System II

Enter Long:

(C < Ref(C, -1) AND C < Ref(C, 1)) OR
(C = Ref(C, -1) AND
C < Ref(C, -2) AND C < Ref(C, 1))

Enter Short:

(C > Ref(C, -1) AND C > Ref(C, 1)) OR
(C = Ref(C, -1) AND
C > Ref(C, -2) AND C > Ref(C, 1))


There are no stops. Trade delay and interest rate should be set to zero in options.

It misses 2 days at the beginning of the chart because of the way the Ref() function works. The key here is that a buy/sell signal is placed based on tomorrow's price -- Ref(C, 1). If we knew tomorrow's price, we wouldn't need any system tests!

Does this shed some light on your question, or have I missed the point.


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