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From: Jim Eaves <jimeaves / at />
To: Metastockusers / at / <Metastockusers / at />
Date: Tuesday, March 11, 2003, 12:14:22 AM
Subject: [Metastockusers] Cumming's 4MACD for MetaStock

Hi Hal, 

Here is how I construct my MetaStock version of Robert Cumming's 4MACD.  Again the multipliers for MACDBlue and MACDYellow are necessary for MetaStock I believe because of the differences in the way TC-2000 and MetaStock handle the MACD function and differences in the way they scale charts.  

Each stock has a different multiplier, but I have found the below settings to work well enough for most stocks in general. If you want a perfect match with the TC-2000 version you have to play with the yellow and blue multipliers.  

Below are the formulas for 4 different MACD indicators (MACDBlue, MACDRed, MACDYellow, and MACDGreen).  Each should be saved to a different indicator via MetaStock's Indicator Builder.  You should be able to copy and paste into Indicator Builder from this e-mail.

Once you have all four indicators installed, grab the MACDBlue indicator and place it into a new window on a chart.  Then change its color to blue.  Leave it as a line graph for now (very important).  Then grab and drop MACDRed into the same window and change its color to red.  Again leave it as a line graph (very important).  Then grab and drop MACDYellow into the same window and change its color to yellow.  Again leave it as a line function (very important).  It MetaStock asks you about scaling tell it to use the same scaling on the right.  Then grab and drop MACDGreen into the same window and change its color to green.  Now right click on the blue line and select MACDBlue properties.  Now change it to a histogram and select the second thickness.  Do the same procedure for MACDRed, MACDYellow and MACDGreen in that order (very important).  That should set it up. 



MACDBlue (The Blue Cumming's 4MACD Histogram)

4.3*((Mov(C,17,E)-Mov( C,14,E))-Mov((Mov(C,17,E)-Mov(C,14,E)),5,E ))



MACDRed (The Red Cumming's MACD Histogram)

(Mov(C,17,E)-Mov( C,8,E))-Mov((Mov(C,17,E)-Mov(C,8,E)),5,E )



MACDYellow (The Yellow Cumming's 4MACD Histogram)

1.4*((Mov(C,10,E)-Mov(C,16,E))-Mov((Mov(C,10,E)-Mov(C,16,E)),5,E ))



MACDGreen (The Green Cumming's 4MACD Histogram)

(Mov(C,5,E)-Mov( C,10,E))-Mov((Mov(C,5,E)-Mov(C,10,E)),5,E )



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