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Does anyone know where I can get a MetaStock. Formula Scan to specifically find Rolling Stocks?
I would be appreciative of any help. I know of one for TC2000 but that will not help me.

Thank you.


Debra, I do not understand the "AVGC20.40" and I took it as a Moving Average of the close, so for instance, the AVGC20 is Mov(C,20,S) and the AVGC20.40 is Mov(C,40,S). Is the is correct here is something that I wrote and may assist you. If not, please, let me know what the AVGC20.40, or AVGC20.80 and so on means.
Once you send me, the Mov may be changed accordingly.

I hope this helps.


AVGC20.40 I

(A1*0.15>=1.00) AND Mov(V,20,S)>=500 AND ((Abs(A1-A2)>=D AND Abs(A2-A4)>=D AND Abs(A4-A5)>=D AND ((A1>A2) AND (A2<A4) AND (A4>A5)) OR ((A1<A2) AND (A2<A4) AND (A4<A5))) OR (Abs(A1-A3)>=D AND Abs(A3-A5)>=D AND Abs(A5-A7)>=D) AND ((A1>A3) AND (A3<A5) AND (A5>A7)) OR ((A1<A3) AND (A3>A5) AND (A5<A7)) OR (Abs(A1-A4)>=D AND Abs(A4-A6)>=D AND Abs(A6-A8)>=D AND (((A1>A4) AND (A4<A6) AND (A6>A8) OR ((A1<A4) AND (A4>A6) AND (A6<A8) OR (Abs(A1-A5)>=D AND Abs(A3-A8)>=D AND Abs(A5-A9)>=D AND (((A1>A5) AND (A5<A8) AND (A8>A9)) OR ((A1<A5) AND (A5>A8) AND (A8<A9)))))))))



In TC2000 speak:

AVGC20.40 would mean - Ref(Mov(C,20,S),-40)


AVGC20.40 II



Looking forward to your updated formula with this addition.

Also believe thgat a TC2000 volume of 500 is actually 50,000 in MS


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