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Alligator Indicators by Bill Williams
Following are the Bill William's Alligator indicators I put together. Please read his
book "Trading Chaos" and pick up a demo of his "Investor's Dream" software from his web site to see how they are used.

Hope you find them useful.

originally from Gary Randall -- Brunswick, Maine, U.S.A.

Chaos Blue

{Alligator Blue Balance Line - Jaw }
{13 bar smoothed average offset 8 bars }



Chaos Red

{Alligator Red Balance Line - Teeth}
{8 bar smoothed average offset 5 bars}




Chaos Green

{Alligator Green Balance Line - Lip }
{5 bar smoothed average offset 3 bars }




Chaos Gator

{ Chaos Alligator }
{ Plot as histogram }

green := Fml("Chaos Green");
red := Fml("Chaos Red");
blue := Fml("Chaos Blue");

If(green > red AND red > blue, green - blue,
If(blue > red AND red > green, green - blue, 0));



Chaos AO

{ Chaos Awsome Oscillator - measures momentum }
( A very close approximation of MFI }
{ Plot as histogram }

Mov(MP(),5,S) - Mov(MP(),34,S);


Chaos AO Signal Line

{ Chaos Awsome Oscillator Signal Line }
{ Plot as line over AO histogram }

Mov(Mov(MP(),5,S) - Mov(MP(),34,S),5,S)



Chaos AC

{ Chaos Accelerator/Decelerator Oscillator }
{ Measures acceleration }
{ Plot as histogram }

Fml("Chaos AO") - Mov(Fml("Chaos AO"),5,S);




Chaos Fractal

{ Chaos Fractal (simple version +1=Up, -1=Dn) }

High1 := Ref(HIGH,-2);
High2 := Ref(HIGH,-1);
High3 := Ref(HIGH,0);
High4 := Ref(HIGH,1);
High5 := Ref(HIGH,2);
Low1 := Ref(LOW,-2);
Low2 := Ref(LOW,-1);
Low3 := Ref(LOW,0);
Low4 := Ref(LOW,1);
Low5 := Ref(LOW,2);
Fractal := If((High3 > High1)
AND (High3 > High2)
AND(High3 > High4)
AND (High3 > High5), +1,0);

Fractal := If((Low3 < Low1)
AND (Low3 < Low2)
AND(Low3 < Low4)
AND (Low3 < Low5),
If(Fractal > 0, 0, -1), Fractal);



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