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Arms Ease of Movement
The formula for Arms' ease of movement is as follows:

[((H + L)/2) - ((Hp + Lp)/2)] divided by ((v)/ H - L))


H = Current periods high price
L = Current periods low price
Hp = the previous periods high price
Lp = the previous periods low price
V = current periods volume


25 = this weeks high price
21 = this weeks low price
10,000 = this weeks volume
26 = last weeks high price
22 = last weeks low price
8,000 = last weeks volume

EMV = [((25+21)/2) - ((26+22)/2)] divided by 10,000/(25-21)

EMV = [(46/2) - (48/2)] divided by 10,000/4

EMV = (23 - 24) / 10,000/4

EMV = -1/ 2,500

EMV = -.0004

Arms Ease of Movement requires the analyst to buy when the simple movingaverage crosses above zero and to sell when the simple moving average falls below zero.

I have never found this indicator to be useful for generating buy sellsignals. In fact, I don't find indicators which use volume as a component to be veryreliable.

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Arms Ease of Movement



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