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Blue Line - 13 day Smoothed Moving Average by Glen Wallace
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Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2000 10:00 PM
Subject: Moving Averages, Profitunity, "New Trading Dimensions"

Bill William's in his 3rd chapter mentions the "Alligator", which he describes as, the Blue Line - 13 day smoothed moving average, offset 8 days into the future the Red Line - 8 day smoothed moving average, offset 5 days into the future the Green Line - 5 day smoothed moving average, offset 3 days into the future

I downloaded the demo from However, with the same stock, under MetaStock 6.5.2, I can't seem to get the same values as his software. I've tried, Simple, Exponential, Weighted, all the ones available in MetaStock. I even tried experimenting with the time periods values.

Comes close, but not the same. I'd be highly obliged if somebody would shed some light on this.

Re: Moving Averages, Profitunity, "New Trading Dimensions"

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. Subject: Re: Moving Averages, Profitunity, "New Trading Dimensions"
. From: "Glen Wallace" <gcwallace@xxxxxxxx>
. Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 09:53:19 -0800
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The problem is in their "smoothing." Below is the code I wrote for the Red Line based on an explanation they gave me about a year ago. I can dig up that e-mail if you wish. Also, I recall Daryl Guppy's site (http://www.guppytraders.comgup59.htm) has all the code (written by our own Adam Hefner, I think) for Bill Williams' methods.

Be careful with Bill Williams' system, though, it's not the holy grail he describes in his books.

Hope this helps.

Blue Line - 13 day Smoothed Moving Average

{This code can be cleaned up using the Sum function.
It was written in this expanded form during debugging}
p8:= Ref((H+L)/2,-8);
p7:= Ref((H+L)/2,-7);
p6:= Ref((H+L)/2,-6);
p5:= Ref((H+L)/2,-5);
p4:= Ref((H+L)/2,-4);
p3:= Ref((H+L)/2,-3);
p2:= Ref((H+L)/2,-2);
p1:= Ref((H+L)/2,-1);
p0:= (H+L)/2;

PrevSum:= p8+p7+p6+p5+p4+p3+p2+p1;
PrevAve:= PrevSum/8;

Ref((PrevSum - PrevAve + p0)/8,-5)


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