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Bollinger Bands - Fibo by Rakesh Sahgal
>Hello RTs,
>FYI Bressert uses (used?) a different formula for Keltner Channels. As oppos
>ed to the simple 3 averages, he has 7 price points just like Rakesh pointed
>Bressert's KC are a lot slower. I can't post them as text here - damn, I jus
>t discovered I can't edit Bressert's KC - he password-protected the formula!
>Kinda annoying. It's just MAs, after all. So it has to be Metastock 7.0 indi
>cator file. Ciphered by WB, LOL:-))
>All the best,

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I think I have been able to figure it out. Those seven levels would correspond to some thing like 3 bollinger bands with 3 lines above the MA and 3 below the MA making it a total of 7. Now the formula I have written corresponds more or less to the levels drawn by WB's KC formula. If anyone finds it of interest, I am appending it below:

Bollinger Bands - Fibo

Periods:=Input("Enter the number of periods: ",1,100,16);
Factor1:=Input("Enter the number of deviations: ",.01,100,1.618);
Factor2:=Input("Enter the number of deviations: ",.01,100,2.618);
Factor3:=Input("Enter the number of deviations: ",.01,100,4.240);

UpperBand3:=Mov( C, Periods, S) + ( factor3 * ATR(periods));
UpperBand2:=Mov( C, Periods, S) + ( factor2 * ATR(periods));
UpperBand1:=Mov( C, Periods, S) + ( factor1 * ATR(periods));

MidPoint:=Mov(C, Periods, S);

LowerBand1:=Mov( C, Periods, S) - ( factor1 * ATR(periods));
LowerBand2:=Mov( C, Periods, S) - ( factor2 * ATR(periods));
LowerBand3:=Mov( C, Periods, S) - ( factor3 * ATR(periods));



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