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Changing Ways Accumulation / Distribution
This is the calculation for the first formula (Today's Change): Today'sclose - yesterdays
close This is the main formula, incorporating the first calculation: If today's change (1st formula) is greater than a 7 day exponentialmoving average of today's change and today'sclose is greater than yesterdays close, write down today's close +today's volume, otherwise, If today's change is less than a 7 day exponential moving average oftoday's change and today's close is less than yesterdays close, write down the negative valueof today's close + today's volume, otherwise write down 0.

Then add up all the days values and keep a cumulative running total for each new trading day.

Simple Interpretation:

Changing Ways Accumulation/Distribution can show divergences against the instrument. When compared against volume activity, it can show what impact a dayof high turnover had on the share price for the coming periods. This is to say that if a day had high volume and there was little movement in the indicator alongside this, then you can suggestthat all the volume for that day was absorbed into the price and thereis less likelihood of buying/selling pressure in that daytaking hold in the market in future trading days.

Metastock code for Changing Ways Accumulation / Distribution

Cum(If(Fml( "Today's Change" ) > Mov(Fml( "Today'sChange" ),7,E) AND C > Ref(C,-1),
C + V, If(Fml( "Today's Change" ) < Mov(Fml("Today's Change" ),7,E) AND C < Ref(C,-1),
Neg(C + V) ,0)))

Where Fml( "Today's Change" ) = c - ref(c,-1)

A w jednym kawałku jest tak :

Changing Ways Accumulation / Distribution

If((C - Ref(C,-1)) > Mov((C - Ref(C,-1)),7,E) AND C > Ref(C,-1),C + V,
If((C - Ref(C,-1)) < Mov((C - Ref(C,-1)),7,E) AND C < Ref(C,-1), Neg(C + V) ,0)))


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