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Elliott Wave Identification

As far as using MetaStock for identifying waves, use a 5/34 histogram forfinding wave 4,
the end of wave 3 and for help with identifying wave 1/2, which apparentlyAdvanced Get uses extensively.

You can write MetaStock explorations/templates/experts, etc., withthis indicator; e.g., explorations to find the peaks and troughs of the 5/34 histogram. The version of the indicator I use in MetaStock v6.52 is:

Elliott Wave Identification



-150 days minimum of data.

The peaks of the histogram help identify waves 1, 3 and 5 and troughsfor waves 2 and 4.
Use MetaStock line studies (both trendlines, channels and fib retracements) for additional wave identification/analysis.

Of course, you can label the waves with the text box.

from Kevin Campbell

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