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Float Volume Indicator I
Re: Archive ?

· To: metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
· Subject: Re: Archive ?
· From: Christian Baude <BAUDECB@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
· Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 17:58:30 -0500
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On Sun, 29 Oct 2000 14:33:38 -0800, you wrote:

Metastock Indicator for the Wood's Volume Float which efforts I did share with the list. I just recently sufferred a total loss of information on both my main disk drives and mirrored backup drives. Due this, I lost much good info (in addition to my volume float indicator) and I want to somehow.

This is raw data from my files:

Wood's Volume Float

mp1:=Input("Days Volume Summed",1,377,30);
mf1:=Input("Float, in X million",.1,10000,10);


Wood's Binary Volume Float

Float:=Input("# shares : ",1,1000000000,1600000);
BinFloat:=If((VOLUME + PREV) >= Float,1,-1);


Or maybe it is important to enter a start period on the basis A.J. Maas has given us a couple of mails ago.

Also I believe the Float number changes over time so it would be incorrect to use the same Float number all the time. It is only valuable from the days you start till the Float number of shares have been reached, after that it would be correct to use the same Float numbers (or you had to use historical Float data). I hope you understand what I want to say. If we could figure out how to make an Float index who gives the actual time periods from today till Float number of shares have been reached, then we could use this numbers to create a X day Highest high and lowest low.

From: "Michel Amelinckx" <Michel.Amelinckx@xxxxxxxxxx>


Binary Float

Float:=Input("# shares : ",1,1000000000,1600000);
BinFloat:=If((VOLUME + Ref(VOLUME,-1)+PREV) >= Float,1,-1);



Float Volume Indicator - 1

Float:=Input("# shares : ",1,1000000000,1600000);
floatSum:=If((V + PREV) >= Float, V, V+PREV);



Float Volume Indicator - 2

Float:=Input("# shares : ",1,1000000000,1600000);
floatSum:=If(((V + PREV) = Float),
(If((V + PREV) > Float,
(V - (Float - PREV)),
(V + PREV))));


The variation # 2 in the float volume indicator attempts to remove the volume from the volume float summation that it takes to get to the float.

The binary attempt doesn't seem to work correctly, but I'm not sure how to correct it as it sems to work some times. The vertical blue lines are set to dates that show float turnover as day 1 from the XL spreadsheet analysis I performed on VNTR. The horizontal blue lines are set to dates that show a recent price channel at at a recent low.

From: "jhmtn" <jhmtn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


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