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Fractal Retracements by Ton Maas
Re: re:gann (part-1)

· To: "Metastock-List" <metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
· Subject: Re: re:gann (part-1)
· From: "A.J. Maas" <anthmaas@xxxxxx>
· Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 01:45:57 +0200
· Organization: Ms-IRB
· Reply-To: metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
· Sender: owner-metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The original mail did not make it to the List.
So hereby part-1 (incl. Fract1.gif)

The AEX-index closed today at 564.89

Ton Maas
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Statistical retracements levels based on the decimalsystem (0,1,5,10,20,30.........) including decimaly divided fractions (1/4,1/3,1/2,2/3,3/4.......). In MetaStock, just provide the High (and Low) for the last or previous made trend or rally. Calculation is made from (down). Switch these words around within the formulas, to get the Bottom-Up approach and for future targets levels, replace the multiplier's "left of the comma"-values given,eg the "*0." by a "*1." and this will then give the +100 retracements.

Fractal Retracements

{ Ton Maas (MsIRB) - the Netherlands }
TOP:=Input("HIGH VALUE",1,10000,100);
BOTTOM:=Input("LOW VALUE",1,10000,100);

{Copyright(C) 1999 - A.J. (Ton) MAAS - MsIRB. All Rights Reserved.
Reproduction of this propriety in whole or in part, in any form or medium without express written permission of A.J. (Ton) Maas or MsIRB, is prohibited. MsIRB is a trademark of A.J. Maas - the Netherlands.}


Well, I have finaly managed to get the decimal retracements and its natural and common sence sequence on paper (refering to my previous mail).

Decimal systems' fractals sequence of 0,1/4,1/3,1/2,2/3,3/4,1 for the retracements (calculations) and thats all there is to it.

I am realy surprised by this common sequence's very well single, double and triple Support&Resistance retracements levels (and its simplicity) that are very easy to be found on a Price-chart and also now providing the true (human) made price's support & resitance, and with the double and the triple levels even being the super Major ones (see Fract1.gif and Fract2.gif).

Do not feel offended by the propriety, as this is done on legal advice, and as to not let anyone start mis-using it (in the widest sence and meaningof the word).

Charts, with the multiple retracement's support and resistance levels and the sometimes overlapping level's lines, are that of the AEX-index (Amsterdam) and a Diamond version was previously send to the List. Check it for its later developed return to former resistance @545-555 level correction, to a this weeks seen 541-low(Mon) and with an Island reversal pattern set today(Tue) (close 550 > open 547).

The AEX-index closed today(Thu) at 564.89

Ton Maas
Dismiss the ".nospam" bit (including the dot) when replying.

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