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Hilbert Squelch Threshold Expert by John Ehlers
In his article "Squelch Those Whipsaws" John Ehlers introduces the
Squelch Control indicator as a paintbar. To create this in MetaStock 6.52 or higher select Indicator Builder from the Toolsmenu and enter the following new formulas. Each formula must be createdseparately and must be named exactly as it appears below.

The formulas can also be downloaded from Note that all of the following formulas are the same formulas referencedfrom his article in the May 2000 Traders Tip, with the exception of the Expert Advisor highlight. If you have downloaded and installed the May 2000 formulas you will be asked to overwrite the existing formulas when installing these formulas. If you do not wish to overwrite them do not download theformula file, instead refer to the instructions below for creating only theExpert Advisor formula.

If you are using MetaStock version 7 or higher follow these instructions:
Click here to download the self extracting formula file to a temp folder, double click on the downloaded file to start the importing process. After the import has finished locate the formulas in MetaStock. If you are using

MetaStock version 6.52 use these instructions:
Click here to download the Sept2000Formulas652.exe file into a temp folder
Double-click on the downloaded file to extract the MS65FORM.DTA and MS65EXPT.DTA files.
Run MetaStock. Choose Expert Advisor from the Tools menu. Click the Organizer button to launch the Formula Organizer Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions.

After the formulas have been imported simply attach the "Squelch Threshold" expert to your chart.

Hilbert cycle period - 1a

value1:=((H+L)/2) - Ref(((H+L)/2),-6);
value2:= Ref(value1,-3);
value3:=0.75*(value1-Ref(value1,-6)) + 0.25*(Ref(value1,-2)-Ref(value1,-4));
inphase:= 0.33 * value2 + (0.67 * PREV);
quad:= 0.2 * value3 + ( 0.8 * PREV);
phase:=If(inphase<0 AND quad>0, 180-p1,
If(inphase<0 AND quad<0, 180+p1,
If(inphase>0 AND quad<0, 360-p1,p1)));
dp:=If(Ref(phase,-1)<90 AND phase>270, 360+Ref(phase,-1)-phase,Ref(phase,-1)-phase);
dp2:=If(dp < 1, 1,
If(dp > 60, 60, dp));


H cycle count 1a

value:= Fml("Hilbert cycle period - 1a");
If(Sum(value,6)>=360 AND Sum(value,5)<360 ,6,0) +
If(Sum(value,7)>=360 AND Sum(value,6)<360 ,7,0) +
If(Sum(value,8)>=360 AND Sum(value,7)<360 ,8,0) +
If(Sum(value,9)>=360 AND Sum(value,8)<360 ,9,0) +
If(Sum(value,10)>=360 AND Sum(value,9)<360 ,10,0) +
If(Sum(value,11)>=360 AND Sum(value,10)<360 ,11,0) +
If(Sum(value,12)>=360 AND Sum(value,11)<360 ,12,0) +
If(Sum(value,13)>=360 AND Sum(value,12)<360 ,13,0) +
If(Sum(value,14)>=360 AND Sum(value,13)<360 ,14,0) +
If(Sum(value,15)>=360 AND Sum(value,14)<360 ,15,0)



H cycle count 2a

value:= Fml("Hilbert cycle period - 1a");
If(Sum(value,16)>=360 AND Sum(value,15)<360 ,16,0) +
If(Sum(value,17)>=360 AND Sum(value,16)<360 ,17,0) +
If(Sum(value,18)>=360 AND Sum(value,17)<360 ,18,0) +
If(Sum(value,19)>=360 AND Sum(value,18)<360 ,19,0) +
If(Sum(value,20)>=360 AND Sum(value,19)<360 ,20,0) +
If(Sum(value,21)>=360 AND Sum(value,20)<360 ,21,0) +
If(Sum(value,22)>=360 AND Sum(value,21)<360 ,22,0) +
If(Sum(value,23)>=360 AND Sum(value,22)<360 ,23,0) +
If(Sum(value,24)>=360 AND Sum(value,23)<360 ,24,0) +
If(Sum(value,25)>=360 AND Sum(value,24)<360 ,25,0)


H cycle count 3a

value:= Fml("Hilbert cycle period - 1a");
If(Sum(value,26)>=360 AND Sum(value,25)<360 ,26,0) +
If(Sum(value,27)>=360 AND Sum(value,26)<360 ,27,0) +
If(Sum(value,28)>=360 AND Sum(value,27)<360 ,28,0) +
If(Sum(value,29)>=360 AND Sum(value,28)<360 ,29,0) +
If(Sum(value,30)>=360 AND Sum(value,29)<360 ,30,0) +
If(Sum(value,31)>=360 AND Sum(value,30)<360 ,31,0) +
If(Sum(value,32)>=360 AND Sum(value,31)<360 ,32,0) +
If(Sum(value,33)>=360 AND Sum(value,32)<360 ,33,0) +
If(Sum(value,34)>=360 AND Sum(value,33)<360 ,34,0) +
If(Sum(value,35)>=360 AND Sum(value,34)<360 ,35,0)


Hilbert cycle period - final-a

c1:= Fml( "H cycle count 1a") + Fml( "H cycle count 2a") + Fml( "Hcycle count 3a") ;
(0.25*c2) + (0.75*PREV)


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