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Kase CD by Cynthia Kase
The KaseCD is a sensitive, second derivative indicator, the derivative of the PeakOscillator.
It is calculated in the same way as the MACD histogram is calculated from a moving average oscillator. That is, it is the difference between the PeakOscillator and the average of the PeakOscillator, where the MACD is the difference between an exponential moving average oscillator and its average. However, because its basis is statistical, it generates cleaner crossover signals and more reliable divergences.

Kase CD

Per1:=Input("max length",1,100,8);
LN:=If(Ref(KCD,-1)>=0 AND KCD>0,Val1,If(Ref(KCD,-1)<=0 AND




The KaseCD is used two ways.

Divergence -- The KaseCD is used as a confirming divergence indicator. Its use is primarily to confirm, as it is more sensitive than the PeakOscillator and will generate divergences for minor turns and corrections.

Peak -- The second use is to look for a KCDPeak. A KCDPeak occurs when the histogram breaks beyond 1.75 standard deviations of the average KXCD value over the last 55 bars. A KCDPeak will be labeled KCD on the chart.

At right: KCD divergences confirming PeakMins and PeakOscillator divergence

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