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Kase Indicator by Cynthia Kase
Re: Kase Indicator

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* Subject: Re: Kase Indicator
* From: "Glen Wallace" <gcwallace@xxxxxxxx>
* Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 09:54:56 -0700
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From: "Erich Kohlhofer" <KohlhoEG@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 1:40 AM
Subject: Kase Indicator

> Hi, this is the Cynthia Kase indicator written for Omega-Tradestation:
> input: N1(10);
> var:KSDIUP(0),KSDIDN(0);
> if average(@TrueRange, n1) > 0 then
> KSDIUP = ((high[N1]/low))/(( average(V, N1) * SquareRoot(n1)))
> else KSDIUP = KSDIUP[1];
> if average(@TrueRange, n1) > 0 then
> KSDIDN = ((high/low[N1]))/(( average(V, N1) * SquareRoot(n1)))
> else KSDIDN = KSDIDN[1];
> if KSDIUP>KSDIDN then plot1(l,"l");
> if KSDIUP<KSDIDN then plot2(h,"h");
> if KSDIUP=KSDIDN then plot3((h+l)/2,"m")
> Does anyone have the MS code for this?
> Erich

Here it is in MetaStock Language with a MetaStock chart and TradeStation chart attached for comparison. Erich, please tell us about the logic and how the indicator is used.

Kase Indicator

N1:= 10;
KSDIUP:= If(ATR(N1)>0,
KSDIDN:= If(ATR(N1)>0,


I wondered about the logic myself. The line you highlighted is just moving average volume multiplied by the square root of 10. The ATR, volume, and square root stuff is smoke and mirrors, while the essence of the entire indicator is:

If (Ref(High,-10) / Low) > (High / Ref(Low,-10)) then plot the Low
If (Ref(High,-10) / Low) < (High / Ref(Low,-10)) then plot the High

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