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Lone Ranger
This is the calculation: There are 2 calculations needed for this.
For the first, just take the highest value of the close in the past3 days (including todays close) and take this away from thelowest value of the cose in the past 3 days. Call the result of thisa.

Then divide a by volume. Subtract the result of this by the value ofa divided by volume 5 days ago.

Finally, multiply this number by -1.

Simple Interpretation:
This is a short term indicator which will show short term divergencesagainst the market instrument. You can also use it tocompare its rate of change against that of the market.

Extreme lows or highs in the indicator may be a signal of similar instancesin the market, however you would want to define atime period tomake use of this function.

Metastock code for

Z Range

(HHV(c,3) - LLV(c,3))

Lone Ranger

(( Fml( "Z Range" ) / V) - Ref((Fml( "Z Range") / V),-5)) * -1

A w jednym kawałku :

Lone Ranger

(((HHV(c,3) - LLV(c,3)) / V) - Ref(((HHV(c,3) - LLV(c,3)) / V),-5)) * - 1


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