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Max Between Two Troughs by Jose Silva

From: vbabuff <no_reply[at]>
To: equismetastock[at] <equismetastock[at]>
Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2006, 7:04:06 AM
Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] Maximum-In-Between Function

I am trying to create a function that will calculate the maximum between two troughs (in the past). Unfortunately, as the HHV function will only accept constants as arguments, I am stuck. Ideally, if RP1 and RP2 are - respectively - the number of bars between the last two troughs T1 and T2 and today, the function should calculate the highest high between T1 and T2. Can you please help me?

Many thanks in advance.


From: Jose Silva <josesilva22[at]>
To: equismetastock[at] <equismetastock[at]>
Date: Wednesday, January 18, 2006, 7:23:52 PM
Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] Re: Maximum-In-Between Function

Try this MS indicator:

Max Between Two Troughs

{ Maximum between last two troughs }
{ }

{ User inputs }
pr:=Input("Trough minimum % change",.001,100,5);
plot:=Input("Plot: [1]Max, [2]Trough signals, [3]Trough zone",1,3,

{ Data array or indicator for Max search }

{ Last 2 troughs' signals }
tr2:=tr1 AND Cum(tr1)=LastValue(Cum(tr1)-1);
tr1:=tr1 AND Cum(tr1)=LastValue(Cum(tr1));

{ Trough1-Trough2 period }
zone:=ValueWhen(1,tr2-tr1<>0 OR init,tr2);

{ Maximum High for trough period }
Hi:=Highest(ValueWhen(1,zone {OR init},x));

{ Plot on price chart }


jose '-)

From: vbabuff <no_reply[at]>
To: equismetastock[at] <equismetastock[at]>
Date: Thursday, January 19, 2006, 9:41:54 AM
Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] Re: Maximum-In-Between Function

Thanks Jose', really appreciated !!!



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