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Persistence of Money Flow
The POMF%-Persistency of Money Flow Percentage Indicator

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. Subject: The POMF%-Persistency of Money Flow Percentage Indicator
. From: Marcel Knechtle <marcelknechtle@xxxxxxxxxxx>
. Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 21:23:32 +0200
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I am a new user of Metastock 6.52 and enjoy working with the software.

I have the following problem:
I cannot find the Metastock formula for the Marc Chaikin s POMF% -Persistency of Money Flow Percentage Indicator.

The 1 Day Money Flow Indicator (some also call this indicator the 1 Day Accumulation/Distribution Indicator) Metastock Formula is the following:

Metastock Formula: (((Close-Low) - (High-Close)) / (High-Low)) * Volume

The definition for the The POMF% - Persistency of Money Flow Percentage Indicator is the following:

It expresses the percentage of days in the last 6 months (120 days) where the 1 Day Money Flow Indicator was positive with no regard to magnitude.

So if the 1 Day Money Flow Indicator was positive for 70 days during thelast 120 days then the result would be:

(75 days divided by 120 days) multiplied by 100 = 62.50 %

Any help is very much appreciated.
Thank you in advance for your time.

Marcel Knechtle


Re: The POMF%-Persistency of Money Flow Percentage Indicator

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. Subject: Re: The POMF%-Persistency of Money Flow Percentage Indicator
. From: HHP <hhp@xxxxxxxx>
. Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 15:27:53 -0700
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Chaikin's Money Flow is a built-in indicator: cmf(periods).

Persistence of Money Flow (PMF %)

Pds1:= Input("CMF Periods?",1,100,21);
Pds2:= Input("PMF Periods?",10,1000,120);


from HHP

Persistence or (PMF%) is the percentage of days over 6 months that theChaikin Money Flow Oscillator is above 0.The Chaikin Money Flow Oscillator formula default uses a 21 day moneyflow sum divided by the 21 day sumof daily volume.HHP sent the correct indicator formula for persistence, tho you can modify it by selecting 1 for "Pds1" if you preferto create a 120 day cumulative money flow indicator to do what youare suggesting.The cumulative money flow indicator often uses a 90SMA trigger.

from Craig DeHaan

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