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Price Oscillator - Von Hef
Von Hef wrote:

Thanks John and Steve for your valuable insight!

My system is also mechanical and I mostly deal in the Futures market, so I will post my system test using Lumber also. First I decided to use a mechanical system to help remove the "emotions" from my trade decisions. Also this system is new (I am also a little trading) so I am still testing this on different markets.  This system simply uses a  crossing oscillator of PEAK and TROUGH to trigger buy and sell signals, so far there seem to be little fitting needed to apply to other markets, but my testing is not yet exhaustive. It could easily be modified for different trading styles such as  "The Trend Is Your Friend" and other rules.

PLEASE feel free to critique, suggest, comment or "warn of impending danger".
I value the experience thats in this group!

Adam Hefner


Thanks for joining in on this discussion. I do appreciate it.

In your system test why do you use "fml price oscillator" instead of the formula itself, oscp? I assume you're satisfied with the default values but maybe not. Sometimes I think I try to overoptimize a system and am better just leaving it alone.

John Manasco

Re: Weekly Pick (long), ...picking weakly

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·    Date: Sat, 22 Aug 1998 16:16:13 -0500
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Hi John,

What is OSCP?

The formula that I call "Price Oscillator" is written as follows:

Price Oscillator - Von Hef

If( PeakBars(1, CLOSE, 2) < TroughBars(1,CLOSE,2),


I find that since I have written a "System Test", "Expert Advisor", and an "Explorer", it is easier for me to "call" this formula than to write it in all 3, multiple times. I read some of the post in this group and I'm amazed at the ability of those who can predict market direction!

I would like to further clarify that  am not able to speculate market I  use my system NOT for predicting future actions, just to follow the action as close as I can. This oscillator is used in my system to show the peaks and seems to work well in my "Expert Advisor" to generate buy and sell signals. Since I work mostly in commodities I'm not sure if it would be of any use in long term stock trades.



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From: Steve Karnish <kernish@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Saturday, August 22, 1998 5:11 PM
Subject: Re: Weekly Pick (long), ...picking weakly


Now we're cooking!  The next thing you know we'll have 5 lumber systems to compare.  That annoying little HyperSnap disclaimer has blocked out a portion of the first line of your >formula...would you mind supplying that line again?  I hate to assume anything when it comes to trading. You can eliminate that box by signing up for the free trial.  I like the shareware so much I actually think I might buy it.  John makes a very good point:  did you try optimizing the formula variables or the actual trigger points.  There is a tendency to over "tweak" these  things, but given the choice of tweaking or not tweaking, I definitely a tweaker.

Steve Karnish

Hi Steve,

I also tend to tweak, but my buy and sell signals are generated when the formula "price Oscillator" crosses the value of 0. If you can improve this, PLEASE let me know. I listed that formula on a reply to  John. What I have found so far, is the testing results seems to be (somewhat) consistent from one market to the next. Let me know what you  think.....good or bad.

Sorry about the HyperSnap disclaimer, I had just downloaded and used it for the
first time, when I sent those .GIF's. The formula that was covered up is


Price Oscillator - Von Hef - Crosses 0

BLong :=If(Cross(Fml("Price Oscillator - Von Hef" ),0)
AND (Ref(Fml("Price Oscillator - Von Hef"),-2)<
Fml("Price Oscillator - Von Hef")),1,0);
Blong =1;


Adam Hefner

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