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Owen Davies wrote:

I've just received Metastock Pro 7.0 after using the competing EOD product for several years. (Had MS back around v. 2.0 or something like that.) Some years ago, I carefully explained my needs to one of the Equis support guys, had the impression that I'd gotten the idea across, and was told that it was in the new release, then just out. Now I can't find it.

I need a function in this form: RSI(variable, period), to duplicate in a trading system the results of pulling RSI down onto, say, on-balance volume or some other indicator. Much as I despise Omega, I'm not at all sure I would have bought Metastock if I hadn't
been sure it contained such a function.

Can anyone here help? Has anyone managed to craft such a thing within the MS language? (I tried years ago with RSI(OBV, period) but could never get it to work right; probably got lost in the logic of adapting RS.) Has anyone built a DLL for it? An Excel program I might link to?

If it sounds like I'm really begging for help here, you've got the idea.

Many thanks.
Owen Davies

Re: RSI variants

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· Subject: Re: RSI variants
· From: Vitaly Larichev <vitaly@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
· Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 18:56:24 -0500
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Hi Owen,

I guess I should make a template for answering this question. No, no ... I don't mind helping other, not at all! It's just amusing to observe the persistence with which Equis refuses to make this function standard for quite a few years. Don't give up, Equis!
I might think of starting my own consulting business under the name "RSI (variable, period)" :-) .

Here we go.


Periods:= Input("Enter time periods",1,100,14);
M:=2*Periods - 1;

100 - 100/
(1.+ If(Mov(If(P-Ref(P,-1)<0,-(P-Ref(P,-1)),0),M,E)=0,1000000,
Mov(If(P-Ref(P,-1)>0, P-Ref(P,-1), 0),M,E)


Mind that since I didn't use those particular tricks as in the standard RSI (Periods) to speed-up an initial transitional period, this function for P=Close and standard RSI (Periods) differ for about a month or two from the day 1 depending on # of Periods, of course. It was not that important for me, so I used this shortcut.

Hope it helps.

Cheers, Vitaly


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