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Schaff Trend Cycle Oscillator by Jose Silva

????????: Kalon , ?? , 05 ???? 2004 ? 20:22 MSK

Below is the Schaff trend Cycles Indicator for Metastok. Can someone tranfer it for Omega format (els or ela). There is a text file in forum but seems like it does not displays well on Omega 2000i.
Thanks a lot.

Schaff Trend Cycle Oscillator v1.0

{ Automatic trigger levels }
{ Also see:
"MACD oscillator - Schaff Trend Cycle" }
{ }
{ With thanks to Tim Straiton, }

{ variables input }
pdsCy:=Input("Schaff cycle periods",2,252,10);
pdsSh:=Input("Short periods",1,252,10);
pdsLg:=Input("Long periods",2,2520,21);

{ Schaff Trend Cycle }

{ automatic trigger levels }
pk:=Ref(STC,-1)>STC AND Ref(STC,-1)>Ref(STC,-2);

{ plot on own window }


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