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Signal/Value Accumulator by Jose Silva

From: wwflhp <wwfarr[at]>
To: equismetastock[at] <equismetastock[at]>
Date: Thursday, December 14, 2006, 8:48:46 PM
Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] How do I generate a conditional clear signal for an average price?

Version Used 9.0 Date: 12-9-06

Subject: How do I generate a conditional clear signal for an average price?

I want to have a sell signal that is conditional on the average price of pyramided buys. That is, the sell signal is only generated if the current closing price of a stock exceeds the average purchase price after several pyramided fixed $ amount buy signals. The problem is, how do I clear the total invested and total shares owned sum variables to zero only after the conditional sell signal is generated?

BuySignal:= Cross(C,Mov(C,20,E));
TotalInvested:= If(BuySignal,PREV+PurchaseAmount,PREV);
TotalShares:= If(BuySignal,PREV+(PurchaseAmount/C),PREV);
SellSignal:=SellCondition AND (C>(AvePrice));

How do I clear TotalInvested and TotalShares, to 0 only if sell signal is true?
I tried many variations following the SellSignal including;


I've also tried


And I've tried

If(Ref(SellSignal,-1),TotalShares=0, TotalShares=Ref(TotalShares,-1));

But I get strange results. I can't get TotalInvested and TotalShares to go to 0 after the SellSignal and to stay 0 until the next BuySignal. Thanks and Happy Holidays, Bill

From: Jose Silva <josesilva22[at]>
To: equismetastock[at] <equismetastock[at]>
Date: Thursday, December 14, 2006, 10:26:49 PM
Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] Re: How do I generate a conditional clear signal for an average price?

Bill, maybe this indicator code can be of help:

Signal/Value Accumulator

{ Signal/Value accumulator v2.0
Accumulates & resets values between signals. }

{ Start count signal }

{ End count signal }

{ Value to accumulate - Volume }

{ Indicator output choice }
plot:=Input("plot: [1]Accumulation, [2]Signals",1,2,1);

{ Remove redundant interim start/end signals }
flag:=ValueWhen(1,start-end<>0 OR init,start);
OR start*Cum(start)=1);
OR end*Cum(end)=1);

{ Accumulate values }

{ Plot in own window }

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