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August 09, 1999 8:21 PM To: MetaStock Subject: S&P 500 chart....

Looks like the S&P may be ready to turn up. The price is close to support (the center tine of the long-term fork) AND the short-term momentum is turning (but hasn't crossed the trigger line yet). Will wait and see what the next bar's action is.


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From: Guy Tann
To: metastock@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 12:43 AM
Subject: RE: S&P 500 chart....


FWIW, our system still is long (the Intermediate Term System and our Short Term System) so we're not looking for a major break yet. Our system has been pretty good at picking market tops and bottoms, and while we'vebeen getting tossed about lately, we've been holding on and riding the tradesout for small gains. Actually, we've been averaging down (or up asthe case may be) and making a few bucks.

Until our ITS turns bearish, we'll be trading the long and short side ofthe S&Ps based upon our STS. When the ITS and the STS both turndown, we'll be buying all kinds of Puts as well as shorting the S&Ps. Our ITS went bullish at 994 (S&P) so it's been a fairly good ride sofar. We had one ITS (without a STS sell) sell on 6/3/99 with a buyon 6/15/99 and that was the only sell we've had on the ITS since our originalbuy at 994. Made a few points on the sell and are fairly even on thebuy side, so far.



Just out of curiosity, what kind of time span is your short and intermediate systems?


Re: S&P 500 chart....

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. Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 09:03:11 +7
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Have had a look at your SP500 chart and was wondering at what formula you are using for your StochRSI (3 paramater?)

I have been using a variation that I found on the list (1 paramater) where I am smoothing the SR (with an 5 day MA)


p1:= 21;
s1:= 5;
SRmov:= Mov(SR,s1,E);
top:= Ref(l1,-1);
bot:= Ref(l2,-1);




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