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StochRSI Oscillator by Craig DeHaan
Good Sunday morning...

I am trying to find the stochastic of the relative strength. Doing so is apparently not as easy as dropping the stochastic onto the chart of the relative strength, or using the Indicators Dialog. Any help will be appreciated.

I am working with ver. 6.51, and 3 to 5 minute charts. Jake Bernstein (The Compleat Day Trader) suggests that the stochastic of the relative strength is a good smoothing indicator of day trade buy and sell points.

I hope that this is possible


Re: Finding the Stochastic of the Relative Strength

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· Subject: Re: Finding the Stochastic of the Relative Strength
· From: Craig DeHaan <cdehaan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
· Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 15:43:07 -0600
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Larry, Here's a configurable formula for the StochRSI Oscillator to quickly find what time periods/method you prefer to work with.

StochRSI Oscillator - Craig DeHaan

mp1:=Input("RSI Periods",1,377,13);
mp2:=Input("Stochastic Periods",1,377,13);
mp3:=Input("Smoothing Periods",1,377,8);
mat:=Input("MA Type: S, E, W",1,3,2); {1=S,2=E,3=W}
If(mat=1, Mov((RSI(mp1)-LLV(RSI(mp1),mp2)) /
(.0000001+ HHV(RSI(mp1),mp2) - LLV(RSI(mp1),mp2)),mp3,S)*100,
If(mat=2, Mov((RSI(mp1)-LLV(RSI(mp1),mp2)) /
If(mat=3, Mov((RSI(mp1)-LLV(RSI(mp1),mp2)) /
(.0000001+ HHV(RSI(mp1),mp2)-LLV(RSI(mp1),mp2)),mp3,W)*100,0)))




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