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Stochastic RSI Customisable by Nicholas Kormanik
The formula I've adopted was put on the Silicon Investor web site threadby 'bdog'.
Basically, I just leave the Slowing Periods (mp3) to 1, so it really plays nopart in things. However, if somebody presents a good argument for using other than1 ... hey, I'm amenable. Chande, the original inventor, didn't use a moving average on the wholething. Chande's result was therefore sort of choppy. I guess along the waypeople decidedto add the EMA Periods to smooth things out.

Stochastic RSI Customisable

mp1:=Input("RSI Periods",1,377,13);
mp2:=Input("Stoch Periods",1,377,13);
mp3:=Input("Slowing Periods",1,377,1);
mp4:=Input("EMA Periods",1,377,5);


Now, from various posts, etc., the following parameters (mp1, mp2 andmp4) *seem* to be the one's recommended.
I'm trying to further find consensus among users of StochRSI on whatreally appears to work for them.

StochRSI Set
5 -- 5 -- 3
8 -- 8 -- 5
13 -- 13 -- 13
21 -- 15 -- 13
21 -- 21 -- 13
34 -- 34 -- 13
55 -- 55 -- 21
89 -- 13 -- 34
89 -- 89 -- 21
233 -- 233 -- 34

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