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Target % by Jose Silva

From: Abo Faisal <isuisu2222[at]>
To: equismetastock[at] <equismetastock[at]>
Date: Monday, January 30, 2006, 10:34:55 PM
Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] Carrying Target

I need your help guys, thanks in advance..
i'm calculating a price profit target based on mat calculation after two moving averages crossed each other. Now i'd like to check if any future price match this price profit target, how and where can i save the target? how can i access in future.

at 1-1-2006 a 10 moving average crossed the 50 MA and i decided that the proift target will be the close price*1.15, for example. how can i in future find this target so i can compare it with current close price? Also what will happen if i have multiple targets?


From: Jose Silva <josesilva22[at]>
To: equismetastock[at] <equismetastock[at]>
Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 2:02:34 AM
Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] Re: Carrying Target

Majed, use the MS indicator below as a basis for you target conditions.

Target %

{ Target based on SMA crossover signals.

CCopyright 2006 Jose Silva.
For personal use only. }

{ User inputs }
pr:=Input("Target %",-100,100,5);
pds1:=Input("SMA 1 periods",1,260,5);
pds2:=Input("SMA 2 periods",2,2600,21);
plot:=Input("plot: [1]Target, [2]Signals",

{ SMAs }

{ Crossover signal }

{ Signal's Close }

{ Target }

{ Taget breach signal }

{ Plot target on price chart }


From: Abo Faisal <isuisu2222[at]>
To: equismetastock[at] <equismetastock[at]>
Date: Thursday, February 2, 2006, 12:27:26 AM
Subject: [EquisMetaStock Group] Re: Carrying Target

What i can do to plot target achived only when i hit the target at the first time? if the condition is applied next day or later i do not want to plot. This logic will keep ploting every time ,,
Any smart idea?

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