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Volume Volality by Dennis D. Peterson

It is much like to Bollinger Bands in concept. Calculating: Volume Volatility
is the 12 day simpla MA of UP volume with an upper band (created by adding two standard deviations of up volume to the MA) and a lover band (created by substracting two standard deviations from the MA). The standard dev. are calculated using the last 12 bars of days change.

Volume Volality

{Coded 4 MS by Piotr Kaleta ->}

{Time Periods} TP:= Input("Periods",1,100,12);
   {Up Volume} UV:= Security("X.WSE-A",V);
 {Stand. Dev.} SD:= (Stdev(UV,TP));

  {Upper Band} UB:= Mov(UV,TP,S) + 2 * SD;
 {Moving Ave.} MA:= Mov(UV,TP,S);
  {Lover Band} LB:= Mov(UV,TP,S) - 2 * SD;



More about interpretation of this indicator read Dennis D. Peterson article "Multiple Indicators II " in TASC 6/2003.
Source / From: TOP
TASC 6/2003

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